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Ways to create a logo

A logo is not just a symbol as many think. A logo is the distinctive mark of a company or product that ensures brand awareness.

In life, logos are found absolutely everywhere, they can be seen on clothes, in stores, in advertising and so on. Logos surround us, but few people have wondered why a logo is needed and what it even really is. Let’s take a closer look at what a logo is and what are the ways to create it.

What is a logo

The logo is one of the main elements of a company’s corporate identity that is represented graphically, simply put, the logo is the face of the company, its main representation. Exactly the logo leaves an impression about the product and services, which makes the customer remember the company back and jog, because the graphics are very well stored in people’s memories.

Creating a logo must be taken very seriously and all the rules of creation must be taken into account, because a bad logo design can seriously spoil the first impression of a company

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There are three types of logos:

Only the text characters of the company are used. Take a regular font and change it.

– Graphic

Only an image with no text is used. This type is also known as a character. The images can vary from ordinary geometric shapes to a specific character.

– Mixed

This type of logo contains both a drawing and an inscription.

Ways to create a logo:

A logo is a complex element of graphic design and not everyone can come up with just the right mark that will work successfully for the company. A logo can be made by yourself to support online services or even hire a professional designer for it. In any case, it is important to take your time and familiarize yourself with the basic, elementary rules for creating logos.

You need to find out what makes your brand unique and analyze the company itself;

– Explore competitors and their logos;

– Find interesting designs on the internet that will inspire you;

– Choose the right color palette;

– Choose a successful font;

– It is better to create several logos at once and choose the best option;

– Edit the option you chose.


Start creating a logo with a brand analysis, you need to emphasize the strengths, features of the brand and be guided by them. Every brand has its own highlight, this is what you need to find to start creating a unique memorable logo.

Study competitors, it doesn’t mean you have to copy their logos, you just have to find out who has which logos and what they look like in the first place. You can draw a few ideas, but at the same time create your own logo.

Before creating a logo, look at interesting designs, unusual logos that will delight you. You can use such platforms as: Pinterest, Logo Fury, Logospire, LogoGala, Logo Moose.

When creating a logo, consider the color palette, because an incorrectly selected logo color can spoil everything, it is with the help of color that you can tell a lot about the company. It is necessary to take into account not only the attractiveness of color to the human eye, but also the traditions in the design of the logo, as well as the relevance at the moment.

The font is also an important part of a successful logo. The typeface depends on the legibility of the text and the audience’s perception of the logo.

Do not rush and create several logos at once, and already confidently choose one of them, which, in your opinion, will be more successful and will be remembered by people.

The chosen version of the logo is sure to change and improve, then the logo will be precisely recognizable and bring success to your business.

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When creating a logo, it is important to take an individual approach, since there are no uniform requirements or rules for creating a logo. It is very important to create a unique image of the company so that this image gets into people’s minds and stays there for a long time. Creating a logo might seem like a very complex and intimidating process, but with a deeper understanding of all the stages and principles to follow, creating a logo will be a very easy and very interesting process.